Customers always ask what are you good at?
My answer is, what do you want me to do? 

Ole and I have known each other for many years. Our collaboration started when I got my first job as product manager in Modo Konsumentprodukter. I was green and the company turned out to be in the middle of an extremely problematic period. Already here Ole showed me what kind of guy he was. He was at that time Art Director at Advance. Day and night he committed himself wholeheartedly into the work of helping me through an incredibly hard time. I have him to thank for the fact that it all worked out… and that I got my career in marketing started. I learned a lot from him. Ole is always fun to be together with, and he is incredibly skilled in the creative field. He is Mr. Communication. And besides this he is a fighter. He believes in what he is doing. I've never met anyone like Ole.
Henning Rouchmann
Head of Modo konsument produkter
I just reviewed (in details) Ole's latest works for an international client. It confirms my long time impression and personal experience as a client: Ole is a brilliant creative director within all areas of creative marketing and B2C communication. And its fun to work with Ole. And you can be reassured: You get value for money with Ole's approach
Jannik Friis
head of Citroën marketing
Ole is an extremely creative person. He can't stop thinking out of the box and fight for his ideas. He is a real problem solver and always find the right solution for a given problem/opportunity. On top of that he is a great - and - and fun guy to cooperate with.
Ole Primdahl
Head of marketing LEGO
Ole Kaarsberg has a great mind to thing of logo. He has designed for the companies that I have work with. I will use Ole Kaarsberg again when we have to think out of the box, the next time.
Peter Goldschmidt
Head of Finansbrocker