Mogens Lassen Danish architect
Mogens Lassen (February 20, 1901 in Copenhagen - December 14, 1987 in Holte) was a Danish architect who was a central figure in functionalism. He was the brother of Flemming Lassen, who was also an architect.Mogens Lassen was born in 1901 as the son of decoration painter, later coffee-maker Hans Vilhelm Lassen and the painter Ingeborg Winding. He was in bricklaying and went to the Technical School in Copenhagen 1919-23, after which he was employed at various design studios, the longest at Tyge Hvass 1925-34. He received his architectural education through work at various design studios. During his stay in France (at Christiani & Nielsen) in 1927-28, he became acquainted with Le Corbusier's revolutionary works, which gave him the impetus to draw innovative modern villas in concrete in Danish.

A dream job for a designer to make packaging for an icon in the design world, Mogens Lassen
Ever since Kubus was designed, nothing had been done out of the packaging


Our task was to develop a packaging that could be used on all the products and to tell the story of Mogens Lassen