B.T. Newspaper

B.T. was founded in 1916 by Henry Hellssen with the Austrian-Hungarian newspaper 'Az Est' as a model. The format was half as large as, for example, Berlingske Tidende and easy to handle. The typographic setup was different and more attractive than other newspapers. The newspaper consisted mainly of short, cash news, and the articles were illustrated with dominant drawings and photographs. In 2008, week 6, the edition was 83,300. The B.T. Center was from 1913 to 1977 at Rådhuspladsen 55 in Copenhagen. The newspaper was named after the house and not vice versa. [Source missing] The house, which still exists, was designed in 1896 by Philip Smidth and was rebuilt in 1924/29 by Bent Helweg-Møller. Logo in the period 2012-2018 In 2012, the two dots in the name and logo were removed, so the newspaper changed its name to BT. [1] The change was due to the then chief editorial's desire to make the newspaper "sharper, more modern. More noticeable". [2] In 2018, the old name and logo with periods and serifs was reintroduced. [3]