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The Danish and internationally renowned architect Arne Jacobsen mastered completely designed to the fullest. All disciplines included in the creation of the major projects from architecture to interiors, furniture design and graphics. The whole was visible in the detail, as the detail of the whole. Arne Jacobsen's architecture and design caused a stir everywhere. The magic is that it is still the case. Good design is characterized by fascinated over time. The watches have now been recreated entirely faithful to Arne Jacobsen's original drawings.

The Request

To rebrand Arne Jacobsen watches, and create the corrected storytelling about clocks

The Idea

Arne Jacobsen is a renowned Danish architect known in most of the world, among other things to have created the furniture swan and egg, why was the basic idea to focus on his skills to design and create the Scandinavian angle of this

The Solution

By using this design legacy as a backdrop for the products it was possible to tell the proper storytelling without words

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