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Ole Kaarsberg

Founder & CEO

I graduated in 1976 as Art Director and has for several years worked as a creative director for international agencies and Toyota Europe in Brussels and the fashion house: TALLY WEiJL in Paris. This has provided me with a deep knowledge of international communication. In recent years I have been self-employed and has worked in close partnership with Martin Lindstrom. I have among other worked with LEGO, B&O, Coloplast, Dandomain & Newline.

Steen Bosebjerg

Strategy, Speeker

Steen is strategic planner, keynote speaker and author to the brand management book ‘The Impression Account’ (In Danish: ‘Oplevelsesregnskabet’).

Branding, communication, story telling and cultural anchoring are the core of Bosebjerg Insight. During 2 decades Steen has helped Danish and international companies understand their markeds and given them guidelines to navigate through the respective target group’s believes and attitudes. Good communication demands, that we have something meaningful to say.


Pia Rathsach

Copywriter and concept

I help businesses find the core and tell a good story. Good stories are authentic and have great impact if it is told, so it makes sense. Both for those who read and those who live with it daily.

My passion has become more green over the years, and I’m concerned with how to motivate people to act in a good position. All movement starts from within, and whether we act as consumers, employees or managers, we can push boundaries and develop new opportunities.