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For the moment we see big changes in the society online shoppen in growing , but are the customers leaving, the good story just because it’s more convenient to shop online …. the answer is NO!

About me

About Me

I graduated in 1976 as Art Director and has for several years worked as a creative director for international agencies and Toyota Europe in Brussels and the fashion house: TALLY WEiJL in Paris. This has provided me with a deep knowledge of international communication. In recent years I have been self-employed and has worked in close partnership with Martin Lindstrom. I have among other worked with LEGO, B&O, Coloplast, Dandomain, Danisco, Malaco, Läkerol, Master food, Newline, Citroën, Chevrolet, Mitsubitshi, VW, B.T. etc. I do keynote speeches as well as workshops internally for companies who want to enhance their brand. This is followed up with my consultancy services in order to get the branding process completed.


Branding has really come on the agenda in business. Branding is a company’s special profile, and the essence of branding is to make the company and its products stand out from the crowd. Some of the first companies to work with branding were Coca-Cola, Marlboro and Levi’s, which not only sell products but also a special lifestyle.

Of course, it is important to meet its customers where they are. And yes, online presence in the form of a good website, social media activities and newsletters are important to the success of your business. But these platforms do not provide the same degree of presence that print media still provides.
The good story
A company can advantageously brand itself through storytelling. Compared to the past, when companies only marketed themselves through products and prices, consumers demand more of them today. They will be seduced into more than reason: their hearts must also be spoken to.

Interviews of customers

No matter how often you use your own product or service, you’ll simply never uncover as many edge cases, creative implementations, or huge glaring bugs as your customers. By taking the time to actually sit down and talk to people in depth, you’ll get a treasure trove of actionable information about how they actually interact with your offerings.

Let there be no doubt: For us, it’s important that what we design looks good – simply because we know it sells your products better. But at least as important is the functionality, ease of use and sustainability of the products.

Graphic / product Production
Whether it is graphic production, film production or product production, we can help you, we have over the last 5 years produced both graphic things and products ranging from cups to led bulbs for campaigns.
Our latest projects

Our latest projects

Latest graphic and communication

Latest Graphic and communication

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Ole is an extremely creative person. He can't stop thinking out of the box and fight for his ideas. He is a real problem solver and always find the right solution for a given problem/opportunity. On top of that he is a great - and - and fun guy to cooperate with.
Ole Primdahl
Head of marketing LEGO
I just reviewed (in details) Ole's latest works for an international client. It confirms my long time impression and personal experience as a client: Ole is a brilliant creative director within all areas of creative marketing and B2C communication. And its fun to work with Ole. And you can be reassured: You get value for money with Ole's approach.
Jannick Friis
Head of marketing Citroen
Ole Kaarsberg has a great mind to thing of logo. He has designed for the companies that I have work with. I will use Ole Kaarsberg again when we have to think out of the box, the next time.
Peter Goldschmidt
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